Letter to the Editor

The burning questions 

We, the undersigned community and industry organisations, are concerned about the future of our ecosystems and request a review of prescribed burning practices in Western Australia.

People don’t matter 

It’s hard to believe what one reads sometimes, referring to the Weekender April 29th,“Tower gets final Tick”

Name change a stinker 

Changing the name of Centennial Stadium to Retravision Stadium for a couple of bucks is a disgrace in my books.

Rubbish decision

Is it just me or is our Council again ripping us off with the FOGO system?

Fix the health system 

It’s official, Albany Hospital is understaffed and has been for quite a while. We have magnificent health professionals and a great facility combined with an aged population.



Humpback whales have made an early debut in Albany, after being spotted in King George Sound and at Cheynes beach over the last couple of weeks.

Albany’s whale season usually kicks off around late May or early June, but a group of ‘teenage’ humpbacks have jumped the gun on their migration north.

Centre for Whale Research’s Andrew Davenport said it’s difficult to pinpoint why the whales left their Antarctic feeding grounds early.

“A guess would that they’re sub-adults, based on their behaviour as they’re very playful,” he said.

“Sub-adults might not make it all the way up the coast, they do what they like, have fun and be teenagers essentially.”

Read the full story here: https://www.greatsouthernlive.com.au/young-whales-jump-the-gun-on-migration/

#whales #albanywa #greatsouthern #cheynesalbany #kinggeorgesound #whaleseason

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A variety of musicians, poets and storytellers will be gathering in Denmark from June 4 to 6 for the Denmark Festival of Voice.

Songwriter Kavisha Mazella said she’s always had great experiences in Denmark and is looking forward to the festival.

“Denmark is a very welcoming community to artists,” she said.

Read more here: https://www.greatsouthernlive.com.au/festival-of-voice-returns/

#festival #festivalofvoice #greatsouthern #denmarkwa #denmark #musicians #poets #storytellers @denmarkfestivalofvoice Denmark Festival of Voice

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World class adventure films will be on show at the Albany Entertainment Centre on May 15 as part of the Banff Mountain Film Festival’s 46th tour.

Audiences will be treated to a series of short films and documentaries about extraordinary people living extraordinary adventures.

Read more here: https://www.greatsouthernlive.com.au/banff-film-festival-returns-to-albany/

#albanywa #greatsouthern Albany Entertainment Centre @albanyentertainment Banff Mountain Film Festival - Australia @banffaustralia #adventure #adventurefilms #mountains #filmfestival

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There’s plenty to play for in the final round of the GSFLW on tonight, with Royals still in with a chance of claiming the minor premiership.

Railways take on Sharks at 5.45pm at Tigerland, while an in-form Denmark-Walpole side are up against Royals at McLean Oval.

Check out the full preview here: https://www.greatsouthernlive.com.au/top-spot-still-up-for-grabs-in-final-round-of-gsflw/

#football #greatsouthernsport #albanywa #greatsouthern Royals Football Club Albany Railways Football & Sporting Club Albany Albany Sharks Football & Sporting Club Denmark Walpole Football Club

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The Rubens are set to perform live at the White Star Hotel in Albany as they gear up to hit road for their national tour.

The Weekender spoke with The Rubens’ keyboard and backing vocalist Elliot Margin about how the band has been preparing.

“I’m actually at the bunker [studio] right now where we are starting rehearsals and going through new songs, trying to pick what we think fans are going to want to hear and then craft our set,” he said.

“We’re so excited to be able to be playing shows and be on the road again.

“Our energy levels are going to be way up there and I’m sure people are going to be so excited to see live music.”

The band are playing at the White Star Hotel on May 5 at 6pm.

#greatsouthern #albanywa @whitestar_albany The White Star Hotel Albany

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