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Still infectious

In response to Doug Rorison’s letter dated July 15th, I would like to state that the push to vaccinate everyone would appear to solve the problem, but in

Beach 4WDs offend

The City of Albany has a proposal to authorise vehicle traffic on Nanarup Beach West. Currently a gazetted by-law exists prohibiting vehicle access and protecting this section of Nanarup Beach. According to a City Officer, the proposal has been in response to the overwhelming amount of unauthorised vehicle activity on the beach leading to the lagoon.

Community clash 

Last Thursday, the clash of world views between the LGBTQ and Christian communities displayed the seriousness of what looms ahead.

Reasonable rents

I sincerely hope that my last letter published here has stirred up some other comments around the problems of reasonable rental rates for a growing number of people looking for accommodation. 

Vested interests 

I read with much interest the current rental crisis affecting WA, indeed the whole of Australia, and note that none of the ‘suggestions’ are directed towards the perpetrators of this tragedy. 

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